Compatible for Trafimet Cutting Torch



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For Traifmet Type Machine S45 No High Frequency Cut Torch
1. Huarui Plasma Torch, with novel appearance, is lightweight and comfortable. It is ergonomically designed with good heat resistance and flame retardant characteristics.
2. Huarui welding cable is produced based on international standard with accurate square meters.
3. Huarui spare parts are manufactured by advanced imported equipment ---Lean Production
4. Huarui universal ball joint allows welder flexible operation during working.
5. Huarui’s each plasma torched must pass the following tests: Insulation resistance test, High voltage test, Air flow test, Gas seal test, Cutting test.
Item Plasma Cutting Torch  S45 Compatible for Trafimet
Rating 40 Amps @ 60 Duty Cycle Cutting Capacity: 10mm Max(most materials)                            
Gas: Single Air Flow: 90 litres per minute
Rear Connector Central Connector, 3/8'' BSP
Certification ISO9001, CCC, CE, ROHS, TUV
Packing 1set/box neutral packing, 5sets/Carton Box
Plasma Cutting Spare Parts: Torch head, Tip, Electrode, Swirl Ring, Gas Diffuser, Nozzle Retaining Cap
1 Torch Head - S25/S25K
  Torch Head - S45
2. PE0106 Swing Ring 
3. PR0105 Electrode,Hafnium
4. PD0102-09 Tip 0.9mm
    PD0102-10 Tip 1.0mm
5. PR0110 Electrode,Hafnium
6. PD0116-06 Tip 0.65mm - S25K - GYS 20k
    PD0116-08 Tip 0.8mm - S25K - GYS 20
    PD0116-09 Tip 0.9mm - S25K - GYS 20
7. PR0106 Extended Electrode,hafnium
8. PD0103-65 Extended Tip 0.65mm-S25K
    PD0103-09 Extended Tip 0.9mm-S25
    PD0103-10 Extended Tip 1.0mm-S45
9. PC0116 Nozzle Retaining Cap S45
    PC0122 Nozzle Retaining Cap S25K (1 Hole)
    PC0117 Nozzle Ret. Cap S25K (2 Hole) -GYS 20K
    PC0135 Nozzle Ret. Cap S35K (4 Hole) -GYS 20